Hanasaka Une Spout Bowl Medium, 11.3cm x 7.5cm


This Japanese bowl with spout from the "Une" series is made by Taniguchi Seidojo, which has been making Kutani ware clay for three generations.

The carefully selected clay of Kutani ware, known as Hanasaka ceramic stone, is inevitably discarded during the clay making process. The silky, transparent, beautiful beige glaze was created to make the best use of this leftover clay. Instead of using vivid colors of Kutani ware, they propose a new, simple and modern Kutani ware that can only be created by a company that knows the characteristics of clay.

The lipped bowl is versatile and is suitable for dipping sauces, grated yam and to serve a variety of foods such as salads and stews.

Finishing: Smooth & Matte

Care instructions: Delicate. Not microwave and dishwasher safe, best to be hand-washed with light detergent. Harsh detergents not recommended.