Sencha Kyusu Teapot, Black, 320ml


The wide and shallow shape is well-suited to enjoy green tea, as it allows the tea leaves to spread in a spacious manner. This tea pot also has a good design for water flow. It is therefore very easy to clean and care for and has a sturdy base. The modern, yet classic design of this tea pot makes it suitable for any interior or taste.

As the teapot is used, the surface of the teapot's colour will slowly deepen overtime. The built in hand crafter strainers are at the base of the spout which works as a strainer.

Material: Ceramic (Clay which is high in iron content)

Care Instructions:

Detergent for cleaning is safe. Please refrain from using sponges with abrasives, metal scrubbing brushes, cleansers, etc. Avoid washing the inside of the teapot with your bare hands.

If you are concerned about tea astringency, soak it in diluted tableware oxygen bleach overnight to clean it. Be sure to soak it in tableware bleach, wash it, and dry it completely before storing it, especially for a long period of time.

Do not be warned if there are black spots on the surface. It is the colour of the natural minerals contained in the clay and it contains iron powder.

SKU: kt010